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Cock and ball torture

Ready to have they balls stood on, kicked, slapped, twisted? Our strict Mistresses enjoy every aspect of ball busting and cock and ball torture. If you think you can handle mean bitches pinning you down, handcuffing you and inflicting pain on to your genitals then make sure to enter the live free rooms now. We have cruel women who enjoy watching weak men suffer. If you are ready to step inside and begin this painful journey into manipulation, submission and control then enter now.


Our mistresses enjoy every aspect of cbt and watching you squirm and listening to your pathetic moaning every time she grabs they balls tight in her hands and twists them round and then takes her bare hand and slaps them hard using her hand or a whip or a flip flop, no matter what way she does it you will feel the pain and you will know who is in charge.She will laugh as she watches you worried about your demise and what will happen next to you. Putting pins or pegs on your cock and balls, dropping hot candle wax all over them, making you rub deep heat, toothpaste or other items all over so you feel all the different sensations. The ultimate in ballbusting cams heartless bitches are ready now

These are cruel women who like to abuse weak men like you, weak sissy sluts like you, little bitches who need to be under a slave contract and owned by a ruthless female who really has no feelings for useless men.

You will be naked at all times, if you get aroused at all you will be forced into a chastity device and not aloud to even touch that cock for weeks. Be ready for real evil mean bitches who want to just rip you apart bit by bit and watch you suffer.


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